[This section is in a preparative stage.  The intention is to provide detailed information on the contents of the Archive.  Meanwhile, we re-iterate the information provided in the “Services” section to give you some idea of what is currently available.]

Dr. Dahl has accumulated a wide range of materials during his research and fieldwork as an undergraduate, a graduate student, and during his 21 years as a Research Professor at the Yerkes National Research Primate Center of Emory University.  These materials include a unique collection of books and research papers about:

  • The conservation of tropical forests and forest ecology;

  • The conservation of non-human primates and their forest habitats;

  •  Primate reproductive biology, sexual selection, and human evolution;

  • Weather, climate, and global warming;

  • Appropriate technology in the construction of primate enclosures.

  • Woodpeckers (these birds are of a most special interest to the School).


The archives also include rare maps and materials (particularly photographs) about the areas where he has conducted fieldwork, most importantly the Comoro Islands, near Madagascar, and Belize, Central America.

The Deep Forest Field School is in the process of curating this collection of materials so that it can be made readily available to appropriately qualified students and researchers.  No charge will be made for this access.
(For students from outside the Atlanta area, private arrangements can be made with Dr. Dahl over the availability of transport to and from the Airport,  meals, and accommodations).

Internships:  High School students, undergraduate, and graduate students who have a research interest in a discipline well represented in the Archives can apply for an Internship. The student must be prepared to help curate the collection as part of their research endeavor. Submit your Resume, a letter of application explaining concisely your research interest, and two letters of recommendation (these must include a statement that the applicant is a student in good standing).  Address your application materials to:

Deep Forest Field School (Internship), 459 Sinclair Ave., N.E., Atlanta, GA 30307-1946