Jeremy Francis Dahl Ph.D.


Current Occupations: Forest Conservationist, Educator,  Martial Artist.

Aim:  To continue expanding my role as an educator and activist in forest conservation.


1950, 21 June.  Born, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.
1972.   B. Sc. Honors, Zoology & Comparative Anatomy, University College London, London University.

1975.   M.A., Anthropology, Washington University (St. Louis).

1980.   Ph D. Physical Anthropology, Washington University (St. Louis).

1980 – 2001.  Research Scientist, Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University.


  1. Environmental biophysics and the evolution of the daily activity patterns of Primates.

  2. Reproductive biology, sexual selection, and the evolution of Apes and Humans.

  3. Field Research in the behavior and ecology of Lemurs (Primates) and Fruit Bats (Megachiroptera) conducted in the Comoro Islands near Madagascar (1975, 1977), and the behavior and ecology of Howler and Spider Monkeys (Alouatta and Ateles, Ceboidea, Primates) in Belize, Central America (1982 – 2002).



  1. Development of appropriate housing and management of captive populations of Non-Human Primates.

  2. Participation in the United States National Breeding Program for Chimpanzees; solving problems of reproductive pathology in male and female apes.

  3. Surveys of wild populations of New World Monkeys (Ceboidea) in Belize, Central America.

  4. Designer and leader of a relocation project to promote genetic diversity among wild populations of Black Howler Monkeys (Alouatta pigra luctuosa) in Belize.


  1. Physical Anthropology:  Hunter College, CUNY (1972-1973); Washington University, St. Louis (1974 – 1979); Emory University (1980 – 2001).

  2. Science and Martial Arts, The Atlanta School, Atlanta (2002-2007);

  3. Martial Arts.  Adults and children, Sung Ming Shu dojo (1999 – present);

  4. Martial Arts, Unity Martial Arts (2004-2008).

  5. Science of the Environment, Deep Forest Field School (2008 -  )


Martial Arts

1996 - Student, Sung Ming Shu dojo, Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts Association.

2004.  Black Belt.

2005. Shodan (First Degree)


Principal Activity:

2000 -  Present. President & Founder/Director of the Deep Forest Field School, Inc. providing
 experiential learning in the sciences to  schools, a specialized forest service that removes
 invasive vines and shrubs from trees and woodlands, (“Machete Man”), and consultations in
 issues relating to forest and primate conservation.

Representative Publications

1.  Environmental biophysics.

1980. Daily activity patterns, environmental factors, and morphological diversity of the genus
 Lemur. Ph.D. Dissertation, Washington University, St. Louis.

1985. Dahl, J.F. & Smith, E.O. Assessing variation in the social behavior of Stumptail
Macaques using thermal criteria. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 68:467-

1986. Dahl, J.F. & Bernstein, I.S. Thermoregulation and social structure of a captive group of
 Rhesus Macaques. Pp. 243-251. In:  Current Perspectives in Primate Social Dynamics,
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2.  Reproductive Biology.

1985. Dahl, J.F.  The external genitalia of female Pygmy Chimpanzees. Anatomical Record,

1986. Dahl, J.F.  Cyclic perineal swelling during the intermenstrual intervals of captive female
Pygmy Chimpanzees (Pan paniscus). Journal of Human Evolution, 15:369-385.

1987. Dahl, J.F. Sexual initiation in a captive group of pygmy chimpanzees (Pan paniscus).
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1991.  Dahl, J.F., Nadler, R.D., & Collins, D.C. Monitoring the ovarian cycles of Pan
troglodytes and P. paniscus: A comparative approach. American Journal of Primatology,

1992. Dahl J.F. & Nadler, R.D. The external genitalia of female gibbons, Hylobates (H.) lar.
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1992. Dahl, J.F., & Nadler, R.D. Genital swelling in females of the monogamous gibbon,
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1993. Dahl, J.F., Gould, K.G. & Nadler, R.D.  Testicle size of Orang-utans in relation to body
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1994. Dahl, J.F. Size and form of the penis in Orang-utans. Journal of Mammalogy, 75(1):1-9.

1999. Dahl, J.F. Perineal swelling during pregnancy in common chimpanzees and puerperal
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3. Field Research.

1980. Dahl, J.F. Daily activity patterns, environmental factors, and morphological diversity of
 the genus Lemur. Ph.D. Dissertation, Washington University, St. Louis.

1981. Cheke, A.S. & Dahl, J.F. The status of bats of western Indian Ocean Islands, with
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1981.  Dahl, J.F. Biogeography and phylogeny of Lemur in the north of their geographic range.
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1989. Dahl, J.F. & Hemingway, C.A. Foraging by Howler Monkeys at night, thermal conditions,
 and the prehensile tail. American Journal of Primatology, 18:141.

4. Conservation.

1982.  Dahl, J.F. The feasibility of improving the captive environments of the Pongidae. American Journal of Primatology. Supplement 1:77-85.

1989.  Dahl, J.F.  An inexpensive, climate-controlled enclosure for gibbons utilizing
 appropriate technology, pp. 323-335.  In: E.F. Segal (Ed.), Housing, Care and
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1984. Primate survey in proposed Reserve area in Belize. Primate Conservation 4:28-29.

1987. Conservation of Primates in Belize, Central America. Primate Conservation, 8:119-121.